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Ife says... Prayed for 7 times  
I fell and broke my leg and it is now in cast. While some friends came visiting from the church, I had another fall within my sitting room and dislocated my elbow which is also now in cast. Please pray for my quick recovery. God bless you
5th December 2011 5:23am
Annynmos says... Prayed for 5 times  
I wanted to share with those who have been faithfully praying for me. I did get the job at Fox Sports and started this week. My sister who does not pray at all prayed for me and five minutes after her prayer she got my text that I got the job. I am so thankful that her prayer was answered that way. I was able to stay at the ladies house who took me in all this time but I will need to leave on December 1st as her roommate comes home and I do not yet have a home since I just started working. So please pray for a home to stay in until I get a paycheck. Continue to pray for the car I am trying to get. I still need 700.00 for it so I can continue to work, but I was given a bus pass for December and a cell phone. God\'s been very busy answering your prayers! Thank you! Being new to Washington and having a church family so soon has been like the glue that has kept me from falling apart!
4th December 2011 8:48am
Karen says... Prayed for 4 times  
Wife Sasha had a stroke earlier this week accompanied by an aneurysm and is in Harbor View Hospital. Please pray for her recovery and for the family.
4th December 2011 7:37am
Anonymous says... Prayed for 2 times  
Please, Please pray for my marriage and for my husband\'s heart. The enemy is really working on him and tempting him with worldy ways. We have four boys and after 13 happy years together, he feels like he is not in love wtih me anymore. I have truly searched my heart and asked for God\'s discernment in areas I need to change. The ememy has such a hold on him that he has re written our past and doesn\'t share the same memories. He says that he is praying for guidance but doesn\'t have a personal relationship with Jesus and doesn\'t believe that the bible is all true. Im praying the God would grab hold of his heart and fill him with the truth, that Satan would be stopped from destroying this marriage and forgiveness will replace the bitterness in his heart and that it will soften and come back to me. thank you for your continued prayers.
4th December 2011 7:36am
Anonymous says... Prayed for 2 times  
Please pray for my friend, Melody, who is in chronic pain and separated from her family. She is sad, lonely and depressed.
4th December 2011 7:35am
God Knows me says... Prayed for 2 times  
My Brother David, who will be 60 on Monday, had 5-hour surgery today in Denver for an infection that attacked his spine, causing him to lose use of arms & legs. He had been in severe pain for several days. He is now in ICU. Doctors expect him to stay in ICU for days with a lengthy recovery and rehab to regain use of limbs to follow. I am praying and believing for a speedy recovery as I know the Great Physician was in that operating room and is now working his miracle-working power in the ICU! Thanks for your prayers. I, too, am standing firm with you for your prayer requests as well. Your sister in Christ.
4th December 2011 7:34am
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